Would a subcontractor be contracted to you or the BOE?
A subcontractor’s contract is under the Hewlett Spencer umbrella and not the BOE.  We reduce the BOE’s exposure and administrative burden by managing all the subcontractor’s contracts.  With the Hewlett Spencer process you have a single point of contact and responsibility.

Will you have a full time construction manager on-site and is that a reimbursable?
Yes, we have a full time construction manager on-site on all of our jobs, and NO, that is not a reimbursable expense passed on to the BOE.  It is a direct job cost that is included in our guaranteed maximum price.

How do you select a job superintendent and what is their role during construction?
Most of our job superintendent’s have in excess of 20 years experience.  We match the superintendent’s strengths in coordination with the jobs he/she is given.  The experience that a superintendent has must match the anticipated requirements of the job, whether it be a renovation, addition or new facility construction.  Their role in construction is direct onsite job supervision.  The Superintendent manages all other subcontractors in the field, at the project site.  Having a strong Superintendent is the key to the projects success.